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Smartel is committed to using the latest technologies to make our operations more efficient by automating as many processes as possible so our agents can spend more time on the phone interacting with your employees and customers. Some examples of the tools and technologies we use include:

CRM Platform

Smartel offers a best-in-class CRM package (ZoHo) to provide our clients with the knowledge needed to resolve customer issues and inquiries, market products and services more efficiently. We also have extensive experience working directly off of a client’s CRM platform.


Akixi is Smartel’s web-based suite of call center management tools, developed to ensure we have the best agents working for our clients. It provides decision support for call center performance optimization and is closely tied to the coaching tools Smartel uses to boost agent performance and efficiency, as well as overall effectiveness for our clients.

Remote Monitoring and Call Recording

Smartel welcomes our clients to remotely and blindly monitor any of the agents working on their program at their convenience. Calls can be also made readily available to any of our clients for replay and review.

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