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Working With Clients Who Are New to Outsourcing

Smartel recognizes that companies who are looking to outsource for the first time may be apprehensive about trusting a third party with their brand and customers. Understandably, businesses that are new to outsourcing may be concerned that the outsourcing company will treat them like just another client, putting their own goals ahead of the client’s need. They may also be nervous that the agents will not have the same level of enthusiasm or expertise as their own internal resources. How do we handle these concerns?

Develop Expertise and Enthusiasm

We pride ourselves on our ability to operate as a seamless extension of our client’s business. For example, the facility has client banners and promotional materials hanging up. The seamlessness between Smartel and our clients is not just cosmetic either. The agents working for this client truly feel like they are part of the client’s team.


Get That Expertise to the Agents


Smartel empowers our agents with the knowledge they need to effectively support our clients’ cultures through our training program. We design and support all of our trainings and development programs--including New Hire Training, Peer-to-Peer Coaching, and Leadership Development—and they have experience working with first-time outsourcers to develop agent training materials.




Smartel works with each client to develop a ramp plan and, if possible, determine call arrival patterns for the first few months of production. After 30 days of full production, we blend historical data compiled from our ACD to forecast and staff the program. Once we have been in production for 30 days, our clients simply provide us with a total monthly call volume, and Smartel breaks down that information to more granular levels.



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