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Our clients trust Smartel with their most important asset—their relationships with their customers—because, while other vendors sell one-size-fits-all outsourcing programs, we differentiate ourselves by offering solutions to our clients’ problems, and as a result of our experience, we believe the following areas are critical to any successful call center outsourcing engagement:

Quality is everything. There are several performance metrics that ultimately contribute to call quality but two of the most important are average speed of answer and first call resolution; people who contact a call center expect their call to be answered quickly and correctly the first time.





Outsourcing companies need to be flexible in multiple ways. First of all, they need to make sure they are constantly listening to the client’s changing needs and adjusting their operations accordingly. Smartel achieves this by maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. We assign a designated point of contact to each client engagement, and we also hold a series of regularly scheduled meetings to ensure we are delivering the results you expect.





Smartel understands that companies who outsource are looking for cost savings. Smartel helps our clients reduce cost by the intelligent use of technology to automate functions and make our operations more efficiently.


We can provide clients with reports that provide insight into every part of our performance, including average handle time, average speed of answer, abandonment rates, efficiency, and more. Smartel offers an innovative, Web-based reporting tool called Akixi that is tied into every functional area of our company to provide a holistic view of our operations.



We understand the apprehension companies may have in outsourcing customer service calls to a third party. After all, your business depends on your customers. Smartel alleviates this apprehension by providing our clients with a transparent view into our operations.



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